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Silvermanslim – Voice Over Agency Delivering Perfection. 

Alberta, Canada (August 12, 2017) – Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting has been providing voice over recording services to an increasing number of agencies and commercial producers for many years. The company gives clients access to the state of the art recording studios as well as a wide variety of professional voice artists.

Radio, television, individuals, and agencies rely on professionally recorded voice over services to add credibility to their content.  Voice overs aid in the successful conveying of actual messages and information.  Studies show that advertisements that contain voice overs score more effectively than advertisements without.  The reason for this being that a voice over adds more credibility, relevance as well as persuasion.

John Anderson, the Owner of Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting commented. &Regions have variations in vocabulary, rhythm, intonation, and idioms that local speakers will readily recognize. So we must recognize these factors in our planning. We offer a wide range of voice over talents to suit your production and budget and also to meet your expectations.”

Professional voice-over services do not solely benefit large companies but are also useful for small or start-up businesses to reach a specific target audience. No matter the project, quality is the most important factor of a voice-over recording. Whether this means using high-quality recording equipment, trained voice actors, or an experienced post-editing team, the quality of the product must be a high priority to capture the highest return on investment.

Mr. John Anderson concluded “We screen out any lip smacking or pauses at our studio before sending the mastered files to the client. Our team of highly experienced producers, studio engineers, and mixing engineers record the voice-overs and synchronize them to the videos. We produce your video in the format of your choice, complete and ready to publish through any distribution channel.”



About Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting:

Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting was founded by John Anderson. The company specializes in the production of voice recordings, and also serves as a voice talent agency for new and established voice actors, narrators and other spoken-word performers. Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting facilities have produced or recorded more than 5,000 voice over projects, spanning all genres. The company offers different voice over acting, voice over in a Brooklyn or mafia style accent and much more.  Silvermanslim has serviced many TV commercials, cartoons, YouTube videos and audio books. The company studio is located in Alberta, Canada.


For more information about Silvermanslim Professional Voice Acting, please visit Or email 



The Endless Ideas Of What We Can Do With Our Talented Voice Actors Is More Than Amazing:
Voice acting is the art of making voice-overs or making voices to represent a character. It can also be used to give out information to an audience.
Do you need a voice for your movie? Do you need to pass information in a different voice? 
We offer different voice-over acting, accents, imitations as well as custom voices. 
Silvermanslim has the best voice-over acting services. This is because their service is seen as more of a passion than a job. "We love doing voice-overs and have a lot of fun doing them".  
You may use the voice-over from Silvermanslim anyway you like & whatever accent or voice you need, Silvermanslim is up to the task.
Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Many Voice Acting Demo's. If In Need Of Something A Bit More Custom To Your Needs, Please Contact Us And We Look Forward To Helping You Get The Proper Voice Acting Talent You Need.
"We do any voice-over acting talent you need, from children's content to adult humor, Silvermanslim completes scripts for any industry."



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