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Stephen Davis


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Stephen Davis, better known as Steve and I have always wanted to do voice overs since I first started watching cartoons.

I have many other passions such as; drawing, videography, live-broadcasting, and typical acting. I am Calgary-born and a proud Canadian, who also happens to be a Doctor Who fan. 


Demos:In order of appearance; 

- Gordon Ramsay 
- Seto Kiaba (from YuGiOh) 
- Matt Smith 
- Generic evil villain 
- Seduction voice 
- Southern Voice 
- Text-To-Speech voice 
- Draco Malfoy 
- The Beatles (Ringo, Paul, George & John) 
- Colin Baker 
- Boston Voice 
- Christopher Walken 
- Dalek voice 
- Cyberman Voice 
- Mick Jagger 
- Barry Gibb 
- Christopher Eccleston 
- YuGi (from YuGiOh) 
- Guy with lisp voice 
- Drunk voice 
- Generic rock voice 
- Generic old man voice 

Product Code: STE5EJBP30

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