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John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson is an experienced voice actor, with having talents since he was 5 years old, he has been sussessfully apearing in many radio skits, youtube videos, T.V commercials,  even kids cartoons & more. 

Recently just starting Silvermanslim, John has had many years in the voice acting & video production industry, serving clients with well over 100% satisfaction and many guaranteed laughs. 

(Below Are Some Links To Demos Of Talented Voice Actor John Anderson)

Beringer Wine Commercial Demo  ©   Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Commercial Demo © Beer Commercial Skit Demo © Becks Beer Skit Demo © Barilla Spaghetti Commercial Demo  ©

Atkin's Advantage Bars Skit Commercial Demo © Sapphire Gin Commercial Italian Accent © Blue Ox Beef Jerky Commercial Demo © Demo D 7-11 Corner Stores © Southern Accent Radio Skit  ©

Cheech & Chong Voice Over/Acting Demo © Texas Accent Voice Over/Acting Demo  © Pirate Voice Over/Acting Demo © Pakistani Accent Voice Over/Acting Demo © Male Natural Voice Over/Acting Demo ©

 Italian Mafia Accent Voice Over/Acting Demo  © Italian Mafia Accent 2 Voice Over/Acting Demo © Italian Mafia Accent 3 Voice Over/Acting Demo © Super Gay Male Voice Over/Acting Demo ©

Flintstones Dumb Dumb Voice Over/Acting Demo © Male Deep Natural Voice Over/Acting Demo © British Accent Voice Over/Acting Demo © British Accent 2 Voice Over/Acting Demo © 50's 60's Radio Host Voice Over/Acting Demo ©




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John Anderson

John Anderson


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The Endless Ideas Of What We Can Do With Our Talented Voice Actors Is More Than Amazing:
Voice acting is the art of making voice-overs or making voices to represent a character. It can also be used to give out information to an audience.
Do you need a voice for your movie? Do you need to pass information in a different voice? 
We offer different voice-over acting, accents, imitations as well as custom voices. 
Silvermanslim has the best voice-over acting services. This is because their service is seen as more of a passion than a job. "We love doing voice-overs and have a lot of fun doing them".  
You may use the voice-over from Silvermanslim anyway you like & whatever accent or voice you need, Silvermanslim is up to the task.
Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Many Voice Acting Demo's. If In Need Of Something A Bit More Custom To Your Needs, Please Contact Us And We Look Forward To Helping You Get The Proper Voice Acting Talent You Need.
"We do any voice-over acting talent you need, from children's content to adult humor, Silvermanslim completes scripts for any industry."


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