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Film Productions

Now Producing Full Feature Films & Documentaries.

Global Company

Producing Films, TV & Radio Commercials For Companies World Wide.


Silvermanslim is dedicated to producing the perfect voice, or video production for any TV Commercial, Radio Skit, TV Intro’s, Documentaries & now full feature films.

Silvermanslim is a global company that makes getting any production project done at half the cost, using volunteer services, global networking, mobile studios, with the ability to complete many projects/orders easily then sending the files to the clients.

Main base is located in Northern Alberta with another mission to bring more film productions and opportunity for Canadians to have fun being a part of many projects that are already underway.

Some projects will be a little bit more challenging and completed work files may have to be sent email, or on DVD via mail, FEDEX, UPS, etc.

SIlvermanslims mission is to make any production project more at ease, fun, and quick as possible.

With many thousands of happy clients, Silvermanslim simply accepts almost any challenging project you may have in mind.

From radio skits to full feature films, Silvermanslim is ready to take on that challenge.

Silvermanslim is also dedicated to working around almost any clients budget while meeting the 100% the clients needs.

We are also seeking new talent in many different areas, please click here for more info.


If you are seeking a small voice over project, click here for more information and to purchase.

For any other production/project please click here to contact us by filling out the required form.

If you are wanting to join the team and see if we have an opening available for you,  click here and fill out the required form.

Thank you from Silvermanslim.

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