YouTube Channel Host Needed


We are in the process of creating a online YouTube show.

One where the host will be interviewing guests who have had to endure hardships in life, and have overcome every single one of those hardships.

This show is intended to encourage those suffering depression to have a better outlook on life, encouraging guests and viewers to think and be more positive about life. Knowing that many people, including guests and viewers who have had the same or similar issues, have overcome many bad situations in life.  Encourage listeners and viewers to help one another to think more clearly and more positive about life.

As for the guests for the show, Silvermanslim team will be gathering all the guests for your show.

Name for the show has yet to be decided upon.

Any questions about this position please click contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

(All are Volunteer Positions) However you may get sponsors and make online funding to keep going with the program/show…. You keep all funds.

1, Host.

2, Channel Admin X 2.

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